At Ellipsis, we take our development process very seriously. 


Our Process

Our team of real estate experts simplify an otherwise complex process by handling every stage of the development progression. We handle market and site selection, identification of potential tax incentives, government relations, design, oversight of construction, legal, and all other steps that lead to certificate of occupancy and caring well for residents and patients.


Step 1: Market Assessment

• Market demand and supply analysis

• Potential partnership alignments with health systems, doctor groups, and other facilities researched and reviewed

• Analyze any market, site, portfolio, or community on Key Performance Indicators (KPI) specifically formulated for senior housing market

• Compare and benchmark any market, site, community, or portfolio against any others in the U.S. to create custom comparable report

• Explore markets using extensive tools and custom data reports to determine wealth, age, and acuity pattern, referral sources, labor costs and conditions, and many other factors

• Analyze resident patterns to identify potential underutilized areas of opportunity

Step 2: Site Selection

• Determine most appropriate site locations to meet partnership criteria

• Tour operating partner through the market and sites to obtain mutual agreement

• Conduct and assess due diligence to understand city requirements, project schedule, site plan, deal terms, and early cost estimates

Step 3: Entitlements & Design

• Begin formal physical due diligence on property. Hire and manage engineers for mechanical, electrical, plumbing, structural, and civil

• Hire and manage architect, landscape architect, and interior designer

• Complete design process for site and building design

• Maintain schedule of integration and review with operating team throughout design process

• Internal discussion—with partner communication—regarding design finishes, floor plan design, systems of access control, call systems, IT, and kitchen/dining

• Lead planning, zoning, and entitlement processes through local municipalities and state agencies

• Pursue any available incentives to assist in reduction of project cost

• Manage bidding process with General Contractor and partners to ensure project budget, scope, and schedule are on target

Step 4: Land & Construction

• Manage the General Contractor partnership throughout construction

• Manage full scope of construction documents to avoid cost increase or delays

• Handle contract administration, review pricing requests, RFIs, and pay applications. Attend bi-weekly or monthly progress meetings while coordinating with the operator

• Transition facility to operator by managing schedules, participating in final punch walks, knowledge sharing with the facilities manager, and project close-out

• Work alongside partner through certificate of occupancy and licensing requirements


Investment Offerings

Ellipsis is proud to offer investors an opportunity to participate in our real estate developments anywhere throughout the capital stack. Whether you’re a bank interested in senior debt or an investor looking for a mezzanine or equity investment, our team will walk you through the stability and upside potential of our offerings. With a track record of executing this strategy for more than two decades, we are confident you will find value in our approach.